The 2009 I3 Conference in Mathematics and Science
(I3 = Intensive Immersion Institutes)

I3 Conference Presentation Proposal Form

Important: Please look through this form and prepare the required content offline. Then come back to this page to enter the information you have prepared.

The 2009 I3 Conference Presentation Proposal deadline is near!

 A. Presenters (3-4 authors per poster. Order does not matter, but they will be publicized in that order)

  First Name Last Name Email District School    

B. Title of Presentation (use "Title Case", no more than 80 characters)


C. Grade Span (e.g. 4-6)


D. Format (pick one)

poster presentation



30-minute presentation


E. Description (between 50 words to 120 words)

[Use accurate and interesting description to attract people to your presentation.]


F. A/V needs

[Please describe what you will need. (Bring your own laptop.) Computer projector? Overhead projector? Whiteboard? Electrical outlet?]


G. Comments:

[Anything you wish to communicate to the Program Committee.]

Please make sure you have filled in all the blanks before you click the submit button. You should receive a confirmation page if your input is successfully logged.


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